Jetco’s “Automotive Technology Clinic: AUTOSAR Methodology”

Jetco’s “Automotive Technology Clinic” Webinar Discusses AUTOSAR Methodology and Software Evolution in the Automotive Industry
Jetco, a leading company in automotive technological solutions, kicked off the first installment of its highly anticipated webinar series titled “Automotive Technology Clinic.” The virtual event discussed “Autosar Methodology: The Path of Software Evolution in the Automotive Industry” and shed light on the achievements and technological needs of the Iran Khodro Industrial Group. The webinar featured two distinguished speakers: Sepehr Salour, Head of the Vehicle Electronic Systems Department at Iran Khodro Company’s Research Center, and Mehran Izadi, a former Jetco colleague and CEVT Sweden expert.
Salour, emphasized the growing importance of electronics in the automotive industry. He noted that the share of electronics in a car’s total cost has significantly increased, with software playing a crucial role in over 90% of automotive innovations. Advancements in the automotive electronics and software field have paved the way for smart and self-driving cars, connected cars, and electric vehicles.
Despite these advancements, he acknowledged that progress brings challenges. He stressed the importance of addressing software bugs within car systems due to potential accidents. In response to these challenges, car manufacturers and their partners have established standards, rules, and protocols, such as the CAN protocol for electronic component communication and the AUTOSAR standard. Additionally, the ISO26262 standard was developed to address functional safety in programmable electronic control systems in cars, guiding the design and development of electronic systems through concept, system design, software, and hardware stages.
The “Automotive Technology Clinic” webinar series by Jetco serves as an essential platform for industry professionals and enthusiasts to stay informed about the latest advancements and trends in automotive electronics and software, fostering collaboration and innovation within the industry.

Access the Full Webinar Recording Below
Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the insights shared during the webinar. Click the link below to watch the full video and gain valuable knowledge on the latest advancements in the automotive industry.
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