JETCO at a glance

Advanced Automotive Technologies Research Company (JETCO), a leading research and development company in the automotive sector, was established in 2018. It successfully recruited talented individuals from Iran’s prestigious universities and scientific institutions, with the primary objective of establishing a dedicated research center. The main focus of this company is to address and overcome the challenges faced by Iran’s automotive industry, thereby promoting its growth and development. Currently, this company is renowned as one of the foremost and highly dependable companies operating in the realm of research and development within Iran’s automotive industry.

JETCO is situated in an 9000 square meter space adjacent to Iran Khodro’s production plant. Its ownership lies with Iran Khodro Industrial Group (IKCO), and it has been officially acknowledged as a knowledge-based company since November 2020 following thorough assessments.

Jetco’s primary objective is to advance novel technologies associated with the automotive sector, encompassing the entire spectrum from the design and manufacturing processes to production and post-sales services. Our colleagues are responsible for executing these tasks, which involves establishing a dynamic communication network between industry and academic and research institutions.