Vehicle Dynamics Webinar Series: Exploring System Design and Stability

The second part of the “Technology Clinic” webinar series, titled “Vehicle Dynamics: System Design and New Technologies,” was organized by Jetco Company. Dr. Mehdi Ansari Movahed delivered a speech during this webinar. Following the previous part, Dr. Ansari Movahed explained the technical aspects related to vehicle dynamics analysis, focusing on handling and ride. In this webinar, various fascinating examples of renowned cars worldwide were presented to explain both the mathematical and analytical basics concerning the lateral and vertical movement of cars and the types of maneuvers associated with them. Additionally, the engineering aspects of vehicle dynamics-based design were also covered. Given the emphasis on vehicle stability in extreme maneuvers, we highly recommend this webinar for engineers and car enthusiasts.

It should be noted that the first part of this webinar discussed topics such as tires, suspension systems, and performance characteristics in vehicle dynamics. You can find the presentation video of these webinars on Jetco’s Aparat channel.


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