Jetco Hosts Fourth Webinar in “Technology Clinic” Series on Vehicle Dynamics

The fourth webinar in the “Technology Clinic” series, titled “Vehicle Dynamics: System Design and New Technologies,” was organized by Jetco. The event featured two speakers, Dr. Mehdi Ansari Movahed from Jetco Company and Engineer Seyed Mojtaba Mousavi from GUNSEL Electric Vehicle Design Company, and attracted over 100 audience members.

During the webinar, Mojtaba Mousavi discussed the vehicle dynamics system design process based on the V model in car product development. Key topics covered included the basics of vehicle dynamics, the V model in car system design, car dynamic characteristics, and functions, as well as the relationship between car dynamics and the design of car components, subsystems, and systems. Additionally, Mousavi explored objective and subjective evaluations of vehicle dynamic performance.

Subsequently, Dr. Ansari Movahed delved into technical aspects of car dynamics analysis, addressing four crucial areas: tires and suspension systems, performance, handling, and ride. Focusing on mathematical and experimental foundations, Dr. Ansari Movahed highlighted methods for analyzing and evaluating car movement, promoting a fundamental understanding of the role systems play in car movement, and offering essential design tools.

Due to time constraints, a comprehensive presentation of controllability and ride comfort topics was not possible during the webinar. However, Jetco plans to include these topics in upcoming events.

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