Second Webinar: Exploring Control Technologies in Next-Generation Automatic Car Transmissions

September 26, 1402 -JETCO Company successfully hosted the second installment of its enlightening webinar series, “JETCO Technology Clinic.” The virtual event, attended by over 100 participants, comprised students, researchers, and industry enthusiasts eager to gain insights into control technologies for the new generation of automatic car transmissions.
Key topics covered during the webinar included an overview of automatic transmission technologies such as AT, DCT, AMT, and CVT, along with an in-depth look into their main components and parts. JETCO experts further discussed the crucial role of vehicle control architecture in automatic transmissions and delved into the classification of various communication networks and their respective topologies.
The “JETCO Technology Clinic” webinar series continues to offer a valuable platform for participants worldwide, fostering a better understanding of cutting-edge automotive technologies and advancements in the realm of automatic car transmissions.

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