Iran Auto Industry Exhibition Kicks Off with JETCO and Iran Khodro Leading the Charge

Tehran, November 23 – The New Era of Iran Auto Industry Exhibition commenced today with the attendance of Abbas Aliabadi, Minister of Industry, Mines, and Trade. The event witnessed a significant presence of key industry players, including JETCO Company, a subsidiary of Iran Khodro Industrial Group, which showcased its innovative products at the Iran Khodro booth.
JETCO ‘s exhibit featured cutting-edge electric vehicles such as the Rira and Tara models, an advanced electric car platform, and an innovative battery pack. This impressive display highlighted the company’s commitment to driving sustainable and electrified transportation solutions.
The exhibition saw notable visits to the Iran Khodro booth, including those by the Minister of Peace and the Venezuelan ambassador. A six-way cooperation memorandum was also signed during the event, focusing on implementing an emergency contact system and establishing a vehicle test center between Iran Khodro Industrial Group and other institutions.
The The New Era of Iran Auto Industry Exhibition serves as an ideal platform for industry leaders like JETCO and Iran Khodro to demonstrate their commitment to embracing cutting-edge technology and advancing the automotive sector. The event reflects the industry’s increasing focus on sustainability and innovation, positioning JETCO and Iran Khodro at the forefront of this transformation.

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