“JETCO Company Leads the Way in Electric Vehicle Innovation: A Seminar with Iran Khodro Industrial Group Experts”

On Saturday, October 29, JETCO Company, in collaboration with experts from the Iran Khodro Industrial Group, successfully organized and conducted a seminar titled “Familiarity with Electric Vehicles” at the Iran Khodro Engineering Design and Parts Supply Company (SAPCO). The event attracted a wide range of attendees, including professionals, experts, and enthusiasts in the automotive industry.
Dr. Mahdavi, Director of Electric Vehicle Development at JETCO Company, delivered a comprehensive presentation covering essential aspects of electric vehicles, such as the process of car electrification, the structure of electric vehicle driving forces, and an overview of the global electric vehicle market.
Throughout the seminar, participants gained valuable insights and knowledge on the latest advancements and trends in the rapidly evolving electric vehicle landscape. The seminar provided a platform for attendees to exchange ideas, engage in discussions, and explore potential collaboration opportunities, fostering a stronger sense of community and innovation within the industry.
The “Familiarity with Electric Vehicles” seminar highlighted JETCO Company’s commitment to supporting the growth and development of electric vehicle technology, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

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