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Vehicle Dynamics Webinar Series: Exploring System Design and Stability

The second part of the “Technology Clinic” webinar series, titled “Vehicle Dynamics: System Design and New Technologies,” was organized by Jetco Company. Dr. Mehdi Ansari Movahed delivered a speech during this webinar. Following the previous part, Dr. Ansari Movahed explained the technical aspects related to vehicle dynamics analysis, focusing on handling and ride. In this webinar, various fascinating examples of renowned cars worldwide were presented to explain both the mathematical and analytical basics concerning the lateral and vertical movement of cars and the types of maneuvers associated with them.

Sharif University of Technology Students Visit Jetco for a Scientific-Industrial Tour

Mechanical engineering students from Sharif University of Technology visited Jetco company to learn about the company’s specialized areas and fields of activity. During the visit, Jetco officials introduced the company’s missions and cutting-edge technologies in the automotive industry, followed by a tour of the industrial environment and the company’s achievements. Students engaged with Jetco’s project officials and raised specialized questions throughout the visit.

Jetco Hosts Fourth Webinar in “Technology Clinic” Series on Vehicle Dynamics

The fourth webinar in the “Technology Clinic” series, titled “Vehicle Dynamics: System Design and New Technologies,” was organized by Jetco. The event featured two speakers, Dr. Mehdi Ansari Movahed from Jetco Company and Engineer Seyed Mojtaba Mousavi from GUNSEL Electric Vehicle Design Company, and attracted over 100 audience members. During the webinar, Mojtaba Mousavi discussed the vehicle dynamics system design process based on the V model in car product development. Key topics covered included the basics of vehicle dynamics, the V model in car system design, car dynamic characteristics, and functions, as well as the relationship between car dynamics and the design of car components, subsystems, and systems.

Jetco Leads Specialized Seminar on Heat Management Solutions for Electric Vehicle Batteries

Jetco Company organized a specialized seminar on “Heat Management in Electric Vehicle Battery Packs” in collaboration with the Iran Khodro Industrial Group on December 20th 2023. The event was held at the Iran Khodro Engineering Design and Parts Supply Company (SAPCO) and was attended by industry experts. During the seminar, Dr. Modaresi from Jetco highlighted the significance and technological challenges of heat management systems in electric vehicles, particularly considering the country’s climate.

Tara Participates in “Fourth Industrial Revolution and Smart City Industry”

The national event titled “Fourth Industrial Revolution and Smart City Industry” took place on December 2, 2023, at the International Conference Center of the Organization of Documents and National Library. The event was attended by the Ministers of Security, State, Communications, and Science, Research and Technology, Vice President for Science and Technology, and the Mayor of Tehran. Automobile companies showcased cars based on smart technologies, which were visited by the ministers.

Iran Auto Industry Exhibition Kicks Off with JETCO and Iran Khodro Leading the Charge

Tehran, November 23 – The New Era of Iran Auto Industry Exhibition commenced today with the attendance of Abbas Aliabadi, Minister of Industry, Mines, and Trade. The event witnessed a significant presence of key industry players, including JETCO Company, a subsidiary of Iran Khodro Industrial Group, which showcased its innovative products at the Iran Khodro booth.
JETCO ‘s exhibit featured cutting-edge electric vehicles such as the Rira and Tara models, an advanced electric car platform, and an innovative battery pack. This impressive display highlighted the company’s commitment to driving sustainable and electrified transportation solutions.

گفتگو با دکتر حسن محمدقاسمی؛ نقش جتکو در تحولات صنعت خودروهای برقی

به گزارش روابط عمومی جتکو، در کمتر از هفت سال آینده بیش از ۳۰ درصد خودروهای تولیدی جهان برقی خواهند شد. با توجه به اقدامات صورت گرفته در زمینۀ تولید خودروی برقی در گروه صنعتی ایران‌خودرو، گفتگویی با دکتر محمدقاسمی پیرامون روند تولید خودروی برقی و ضرورت تولید ترتیب داده شد. وی با توجه به رونمایی خودروی برقی ریرا در آیندۀ نزدیک، اذعان کرد: «پلتفرم دوگانه این خودرو اولین نمونه پلتفرم خودرو در کشور با قابلیت توسعه مبتنی بر قوای محرکه بنزینی و برقی‌سازی است». شرح این گفتگو را در ادامه خواهید خواند. 

Second Webinar: Exploring Control Technologies in Next-Generation Automatic Car Transmissions

September 26, 1402 -JETCO Company successfully hosted the second installment of its enlightening webinar series, “JETCO Technology Clinic.” The virtual event, attended by over 100 participants, comprised students, researchers, and industry enthusiasts eager to gain insights into control technologies for the new generation of automatic car transmissions. Key topics covered during the webinar included an overview of automatic transmission technologies such as AT, DCT, AMT, and CVT, along with an in-depth look into their main components and parts.