Vehicle powertrain design is among the most important sectors of the automotive industry and by focusing on that,  auto manufacturers try to increase the quality of their products and compete with their rivals. Therefore, a group consisting of mechanical, electronic, and mechatronic engineers with expertise in powertrain design and manufacturing was created in JETCO. The projects conducted in this group are mainly focused on two areas, the design and manufacturing of powertrain performance test equipment, and the design of control systems used in powertrains.

“Enhancement of the End-of-Line (EOL) gearbox test equipment for Ghazvin Niroo MoharrekeCompany”, “design, development, and manufacturing of hardware and software for vehicle ECU”, “enhancement of the troubleshooting capability for hot test stands in engine families of TU3, TU5, and EF”, and “design and manufacturing of loaded engine hot test equipment” are among the most important projects carried out by this group.