Introducing the specialized mechatronics group

The Jetco company’s activities in the mechatronics field comprise designing, manufacturing, and operating all kinds of industrial machines, intelligent systems, and industrial automation. These activities in two specialized departments are the design and development of circuits and control systems and the construction of separable industrial equipment.

Department of control systems design and development

Jetco company specializes in the design, development, and engineering of vehicle control systems. The activities of the control systems design and development Department can be described in the development of behavioral models, the development of control logic, the implementation of controller software and hardware, and network and communication interfaces. Below is a summary of related capacities and capabilities:

  • System design and architecture development of vehicle control systems
  • Development of behavioral and functional models of internal combustion engine and power transmission systems
  • Development and implementation of hardware and software control
  • Development and implementation of automotive and industrial communication protocols
  • Development of control logic of internal combustion engine management systems, especially engine control unit (ECU)
  • Development of control logic of power transmission systems, especially transmission control unit (TCU)
  • Designing and implementing control algorithms based on artificial intelligence and evolutionary algorithms
  • Dynamic analysis of power transmission systems
  • Standard development and implementation of validation procedures of control systems
  • Identification and analysis of electromechanical systems
  • Implementation of model and software-in-the-loop validation processes of control systems
  • Designing and implementing the improvement and calibration processes of power transmission systems
  • Functional testing and validation of control systems with a hardware-in-the-loop approach

Department of design and manufacture of industrial equipment

The capacities of Jetco company in the field of designing and manufacturing industrial equipment include specialized areas of mechanics, electromechanics, hydraulics, and pneumatics; This company can design, manufacture, and operate various types of manual and automatic industrial machinery by applying knowledge and experiences such as movement mechanism design, structure design, robotics, machine dynamics, and industrial electronics. A brief description of the capacities and capabilities of the department of design and manufacture of industrial equipment are:

  • Design and implementation of test cells for internal combustion engine and power transmission systems
  • Designing and implementing test mechanisms under load and without motor
  • Design and implementation of gearbox functional test mechanisms
  • Designing and implementing functional testing mechanisms of automotive electronic network
  • Design and implementation of reporting and analysis systems for network testing equipment
  • Design and implementation of noise and vibration measurement and testing systems
  • Designing and setting up production and assembly automation equipment
  • Design and analysis of mechanical, electromechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic components and parts of industrial machinery
  • Design and analysis of movement mechanisms
  • Design and analysis of industrial structures
  • Design, analysis, and construction of measurement systems and precision instruments
  • Design and analysis of power transmission systems
  • Industrial parts manufacturing engineering and drawing according to GD&T and standards
  • Reverse engineering of industrial parts
  • Implementation of rapid sample production methods
  • Design of machining, assembly, and production systems
  • Design of mechanical testing equipment for car parts according to test plans and standards
  • Design of industrial automation and robotics systems
  • Setting up and controlling all types of servos and electric motors
  • Implementation of industrial automation systems based on PLC
  • Designing and setting up display and control systems
  • Design and implementation of the command circuit
  • Design and implementation of 2D and 3D wiring and switchboard plans
  • Designing and setting up sensor and monitoring systems
  • Design of P & ID drawings
  • Designing, building, and setting up various industrial machines
  • Assembly, repair, and overhaul of all systems and equipment and industrial machines